Thursday, June 16, 2005

Active Disengagement: Make the Corporate World Work for You

I do nothing at my day job. Hardly lift a finger and when I do lift a finger, I do it very, berrry slowllllly. So sllllloooooooowwwwwwwwwlllllllyyyyyyyyyy. I never ask my co-workers if they need help with anything and only work when assignments are given to me. Its a technique called active disengagement and IT WORKS. I have a casual position as a production assistant for a major, big time entertainment corporation. (I wont name it in fear of losing my job plus my tendency to bad-mouth sometimes gets me in trouble.) I dont get benefits but i get paid a decent hourly rate that still allows me to live in a big room in Upper Manhattan with a depressed, over the hill Bosnian roommate who smokes herself silly and watches way too much television. She's hot for her age but a royal bitch so I never made a move on her. I'm using the word "I" too much and should change it to the royal "we" if I (shit!) want to form lasting relationships in the film industry. Golly, gee, it is a collaborative medium right? except maybe not to Roman Polanski, he totally believes 100% in the auteur theory. Gotta love the French!

If you're a highly creative person like myself, my advice is to take a job where you have little responsibility. Fuel your creative passion and eventually, it will pay off. I still believe this even though most of my creative endeavors end up failing in the mainstream marketplace. Hell, I can't even get my work accepted into underground film festivals. What does that tell you? Either I'm a talentless hack or the market is more saturated than a Catholic virgin princess who has decided to go all the way!! Sometimes I feel that my work is too avant-garde for the mainstream and too mainstream for the avant-garde. That leaves me in a dark abyss where I'm forced to watch Renny Harlin movies on repeat. Why are his movies so damn awful?

My life is somewhat schizophrenic. By day, I work in book publishing basically faxing, filing, and sending packages out. I'm at my desk about six hours a day and do about a half-hour's worth of work. And you know what, I love it because its STRESS FREE so at night, I'm a creative Robo-sex machine----editing my experimental autobiographical documentary "Maverick in Disguise", writing anti-establishment songs, playing guitar (trying to jam with my friends but end up singing instead because my guitar playing is nowhere near the perfection of my friends yet) indulging in my delusions, writing, writing, writing and then treating myself to a sit n' go poker tournament or throwing on the latest Netflix DVD. Just joined, and man, they are awesome.

My friend George Estreich, a brilliant graphic designer, has been helping me build my website and business cards. A couple photos will be up soon.


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