Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tavern on the Green, a Wedding, and a higher credit card balance!!!

Aaaah, its good to be back folks, even though I'm proving to be a slacker blogger as well. This weekend should be incredibly enjoyable and expensive. Its restaurant week in NY and my beautiful,gorgeous Latina girlfriend has made dinner reservations for us at Tavern on the Green. "Hey, little doggie, good little pooch, how about a milk bone" Ghostbusters, anyone? My wallet will be screaming at me. But, hey, its priced-fixed so it won't be that bad.

Sunday, my second friend from college will be taking the plunge into the dark, frightning world known as "Marriage" I better kick my career into high gear. 2nd season Apprentice reject Stacy Rotner will be in the car on our way to the wedding. That should be an amusing ride. I should warn her though, I used to be a duck tape salesman. Hopefully, her banter won't be too tiresome.

July 13th I'm heading to my favorite Jersey shore haunt "Surf Club" Pink Floyd tribute band The Machine will be playing. Can't wait. Nothing satisfies me more than hearing Pink Floyd at the Jersey shore while the sun becomes eclipsed by the moon. I'll be giving them a DVD copy of the DOGS trailer just to start the buzz going. Now that is early BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I haven't even shot the movie yet or found an investor. And the script still needs alot of work!! Its been 4 years since I started developing this project. Talk about a slow-poke. Its like I'm lost in this Kubrickian maze trying to make it as original as possible. Next month I'm entering the Screenwriter's challenge for the New York City Movie Making Madness Film Festival.

I got my $4 rebate check in the mail from Maxell after buying some Mini-DV tapes. Wow, rebate dreams really do come true ! There's this great quote I read in Kahlil Gilbran's The Prophet about the artist's struggle. I cant find it admist all the junk in my George Kostanza--like wallet. More film news coming soon kiddies..


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