Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Which one's Pink?

The question that has plagued Pink Floyd fans for years and stirred numerous arguments. I guess today, it doesn't really matter. Although this fan believes Roger is the creative genius behind the band (he tops the list of my heroes, Dylan being a close 2nd, and Kubrick the 3rd), neither Waters or Gilmour are better than when they are playing together, a true testament to the power of the collaborative process. I almost cried seeing my favorite band reunite after 25 years, and strangely, it felt sad.
This is part of the rap I wrote over the instrumental part of DOGS.

"Could this be the band to warrant a wannabe?"
You mean, Would Roger Waters wanna warrant a wannabe?
You gotta be crazy to do something like that.
DOGS--Its when the S turns to Z so keep punching the keys until you breed a story in the key of 3.


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