Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Do people at Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings just wanna fuck each other?

Just a crazy thought I had here sitting at my desk where this mediocre desk job sucks my soul dry.

Its been a stellar week. On Wednesday, I worked the room at the Machine concert like a true hustler, handing out flyers about DOGS. Roger Waters will be in town next Monday to promote his new opera CA IRA, and I'm hoping I can score some tickets through Q104.3 so I can finally meet my hero and give him a DVD of the DOGS trailer. Its about time. "Is it just a crazy dream?"

Last night, I performed my stand up routine at the Underground Lounge on 109th and Broadway. It was my first time back on stage in over six months and I have to say, my confidence has been renewed. The comedy bug is back a bit, but my main concentration is still on filmmaking.

A few one liners i recently wrote: My credit card debt is like the Energizer Bunny when he gets an erection. it keeps growing and growing and growing...and growing. I said it 37 times. It got laughs. Just kidding, thats mental.

My website launch is targeted for the beginning of september.



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