Monday, November 06, 2006

Yeah, I use my Middle Name. I dont Care if you Think its Pretentious

Hi, remember me??? Yeah, well, I know you've all been hanging onto to my every word and waiting for my next blog post. This is some street in Cincinatti, Ohio that bears part of my name, "Ben Bernstein" You know, that incredible visionary who has left this great planet.

I'm still here, although there are times that I feel like a spaceman looking down on everybody. Do u know the feeling? Its similar to smoking 5 blunts and then watching the "Qatsi" trilogy on repeat and still be intrigued that there is no dialogue or story. I've been there once and i never plan on going there again.

See the guy in the photo. Well, I might look like him in ten years if I keep eating pizza burgers and quesadillas at an alarming rate.

This picture also made me ponder whether its considered "pretentious" to use your middle name in show business.
I think its cool, even though some people think its a load of crap. It makes you stand out from the endless pack of wannabees trying to break into this competitive business.


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