Monday, August 22, 2005

The Cyclone Rules!

I recently rode the Cyclone with my girlfriend and found it to be one of the most exhilirating roller coasters ever and this is coming from a roller-coaster aficionado. Its thrilling, scary as hell, especially that first drop. Its alot better than alot of the newer roller coasters at Great Adventure. Anyway, I'm babbling and this is probably not interesting so...sign off for another month. No, not really,

New News ! New News! Do people actually read other people's blogs or are bloggers just self-absorbed narcissists concerned with their own posts and their own lives.

My website will be launched in less than a month.

New joke: I hate it when you tell people you’re a comedian and they say, “Tell me a joke” A stage is a comedian’s office. When he’s offstage, he’s out of the office. Guy says to me "Tell me a joke." Ok, but first, you see that doctor sitting in the coffee shop. Go ask him to give you a prostate exam.


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