Friday, July 22, 2005

Bush Administration prefers finding Little Green Men instead of giving you Health Benefits

Hey, i'm all for space travel. But right now..hmmm...this just irks me to the bone. In a time when "Generation Debt" is struggling to pay their bills, the House of Representatives passed the bill to give NASA 34.7 Billion dollars to get to the moon by 2020 and Mars sometime thereafter (383-15, it now moves to the Senate).

This is just another example of how the lower-middle class gets fucked in the ass. My yearly out of pocket expenses for prescription drugs and crappy HMO take a big chunk out of my yearly income, which isn't much.

If NASA and politicians have such "hard-ons" for going back into space, why dont they just smoke a joint, throw on Pink Floyd, and head to an IMAX space film. That experience is a lot cheaper and a hell of alot more fun.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Do people at Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings just wanna fuck each other?

Just a crazy thought I had here sitting at my desk where this mediocre desk job sucks my soul dry.

Its been a stellar week. On Wednesday, I worked the room at the Machine concert like a true hustler, handing out flyers about DOGS. Roger Waters will be in town next Monday to promote his new opera CA IRA, and I'm hoping I can score some tickets through Q104.3 so I can finally meet my hero and give him a DVD of the DOGS trailer. Its about time. "Is it just a crazy dream?"

Last night, I performed my stand up routine at the Underground Lounge on 109th and Broadway. It was my first time back on stage in over six months and I have to say, my confidence has been renewed. The comedy bug is back a bit, but my main concentration is still on filmmaking.

A few one liners i recently wrote: My credit card debt is like the Energizer Bunny when he gets an erection. it keeps growing and growing and growing...and growing. I said it 37 times. It got laughs. Just kidding, thats mental.

My website launch is targeted for the beginning of september.


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Which one's Pink?

The question that has plagued Pink Floyd fans for years and stirred numerous arguments. I guess today, it doesn't really matter. Although this fan believes Roger is the creative genius behind the band (he tops the list of my heroes, Dylan being a close 2nd, and Kubrick the 3rd), neither Waters or Gilmour are better than when they are playing together, a true testament to the power of the collaborative process. I almost cried seeing my favorite band reunite after 25 years, and strangely, it felt sad.
This is part of the rap I wrote over the instrumental part of DOGS.

"Could this be the band to warrant a wannabe?"
You mean, Would Roger Waters wanna warrant a wannabe?
You gotta be crazy to do something like that.
DOGS--Its when the S turns to Z so keep punching the keys until you breed a story in the key of 3.